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Google’s Caffeine an answer to Microsoft’s Bing?

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Google unveiled its secret project Caffeine recently. Caffeine is, as Google puts it, the first step in an effort that will raise the bar on size, indexing speed, accuracy, comprehensiveness and other search dimensions. In other words, it is a marked improvement in terms of the infrastructure behind Google’s search engine. For the user though, [...]

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Bing a better search engine than Google?

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Like most people I was curious when the much touted search engine Bing was launched earlier this year. Was anxious to try it, which I did soon enough. I quite liked the look and feel, but apart from that there was little that my current favorite search engine Google didn’t offer. And so after a [...]

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Social Networking Trends and what they mean for Marketers

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How the social networking landscape changes impacts the Social Media Marketing strategies of companies and brands. Ofcom, UK  recently launched a detailed report on the usage trends of the online social networking sites. Although the report deals with usage trends and behaviour in the UK, it does throw up facts that could be interesting to [...]

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Interactive website design and better governance

Posted by : Tarun in web developments ()Comments

A friend forwarded me a link to this news item. The article was about the internet enabling citizens to police themselves. Well, somewhat. In yet another effort towards transparency and greater people involvement, an official website of a police force has been designed to allow for the citizens it polices, to [...]

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Localised search, real-time search

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The search landscape is changing. First it was twitter making its point as the next big thing in online search, by introducing the search box on its home page. And now, it is Yahoo that has upgraded its local search performance. Some time back, there was a lot of buzz around a new real-time search [...]

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Inspirational layout designs

Posted by : Devendra in Graphic Design, Web Design ()Comments

Every once in a while one comes across a link that shows a collection of 40 inspring web layouts or 50 inspiring brochure designs. And these links are just what a designer needs at times to get one’s creative juices flowing. I always bookmark and keep the gems amongst these for design inspiration on days [...]

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Google launches a new beta for Chrome

Posted by : Vikas in web developments ()Comments

Google has launched a speedier beta version of its browser Google Chrome. The new version comes with themes to allow you to customize your browser look and feel to your liking. It also comes with a customizable “New Tab”.
Check out the official Google Chrome blog for more info. Or rather just download the release and [...]

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