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Infographics – Leverage the Power of Visual Story Telling

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Brand story telling has become an abundant activity to go about marketing a company. From the conventional marketing techniques of just telling the features, there has been a significant shift to creating a story to attract more consumers. And incidentally, it has been a very successful technique as society responds more to story telling. Companies launch videos, images, humorous memes and infographics to promote their brands. These brand promotion utilities provide a story to appeal to the consumers’ instinct.

Nike’s digital storytelling is innovative, fun, and consistent. One of the best examples is this quirky little video story .The story appeals to the sentimental side of viewers and encourages them to do something adventurous, something that they could not do, just wearing Nike shoes.

The idea of representing a set of data, information or knowledge through an image which is easy to grasp led to the creation of the phenomenal infographics. Infographic is a combination of two words- Information and Graphics.  These infographics explain complex information, patterns and trends clearly and quickly. From the maps and graphs, to the road signs, from the site plans to the newspaper reports, infographics are used everywhere.

The straightforward facts point out that people are more attracted to visual information and are 30 times more likely to read an infographic than a text article. In fact, the average monthly search volume of the query ‘ Infographics’  on Google is 110000 and search volume of  ‘Infographic’ is 74000. Facebook gets 53% more likes and 104 % more comments on images. The extent of infographic sharing on Facebook and number of users on Instagram are sufficient evidences to prove the communications of infographics with humans .Thus , infographics are a great medium of visual story telling. Our eyes flow on an infographic just as butter on a pan.

Infographics Search Volume Google

  • In the recent times, Infographics have been widely used in marketing to attract potential customers and guess what? They really work.  Infographics work great for content marketing as they have the following advantages:
  • They are easy to create and share.
  • They are attention getters as they capture audiences’ attention where words alone would fall.
  • They are effective SEO tools as they work great for search engines. People publish Infographics (When the copyright holder gives permission) on their sites and give the copyright holders a link back to their websites, thus great Infographics enable websites to gain natural links.
  • The ease with which infographics can be shared on social network increases their chances of going viral.
  • The logo and URL of the publisher labeled on the info-graphic increases brand awareness among audience.
  • An infographic also helps you to show your expertise in the subject and portrays you as a thought leader.
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History of Facebook

An Infographic design created by Enablingbiz Esolutions depicting Facebook’s Timeline

This Infographic design quickly became popular on Facebook, resulting in 187 likes, 43 shares and 1210 impressions. View it here

Making effective use of infographics is a great way to promote your company, brand or service and create awareness about the same among your target audience. To make a good use of this tool for marketing, the following tips would be helpful-

  • Come up with a great concept or idea that would appeal to your audience.
  • Develop and present a coherent story
  • Use interesting facts, stats and images to make your info-graphic design attractive
  • Ensure that your argument holds and is relevant to your audience
  • Convey your message quickly, precisely and appealingly
  • Focus on great design
  • Never forget to add your URL
  • Leverage the popularity of your existing social media profiles such as Facebook fan page, twitter accounts, blogs etc. to launch and promote Infographics.
  • Choose the best time to publish and promote
  • Reach out to the influencers and friends in your industry, encourage them to publish your Infographics on their blogs/websites and share them among the people in their networks.

Infographic  is an effective tool to expand your reach. It is easy to create, visually appealing and simple to understand. Leverage the power of visual story telling. Get started!

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