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Article Writing: Targeting Prospects & Creating Awareness through Informative Content

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You may be a good lawyer, anti-ageing therapist, trichologist, patent & trademark specialist, home designer, auto bodyshop expert, home designer, baking and cooking master, child education expert or a chemical manufacturing company but there are many like you out there in the cyber world. How do you get yourself visible in the flock?

In this “Information Age”; Article Writing is typically practiced for 5 key reasons:

five reasons to start article writing

Article Writing is a proven and cheaper way of transforming from nobody to “somebody”. One can establish their expertise with well-worded articles with eye-catching headlines work. However these work wonderfully provided they are SEO driven with right keywords that pushes the article high up on the search engine results. People always look for a steady flow of good informative articles. They “like” them, share on their social media pages, “tweet” about them or pin on their dashboard for their friends and colleagues to read. These links drive traffic back to the main website which is the main objective in the first place.

Hence, to make your Articles WORK, you need new and innovative content with useful inputs in clearly worded format that is easily found on the net.

How do you unleash your “Article Writing” game plan?

Answer the following questions:

  1. Who is your audience? Where will you find them? This will guide the choice of topics
  2. How frequently do you need to come out with new articles?
  3. What would be the ideal length of your articles to keep the audience engrossed? A 500 – 800 word article is usually reasonable.
  4. What should be the layout, font, color and theme? It is important from brand-building perspective.
  5. Where will you submit the Articles for maximum visibility?
  6. How will you track comments and links back to your article? This helps in evaluating what works and what does not.

The answers will help you formulate a proper guideline and plan to execute your Article Writing initiative and get desired results from the effort.

However, Article Writing is not so elementary, trivial and easy. It requires dedicated and painstaking efforts on a regular basis. Thus, “do it yourself” is not really the recommended option.

5 reasons why do you need “pros” to handle your article copywriting?

  1. To write multiple articles with proper keywords and SEO headlines regularly
  2. Content becomes obsolete very fast in the digital world. Continuous articles are needed in fixed pre-defined periods. Professionals conform to deadlines and are commercially bound to deliver on time.
  3. Articles need different flavors, tone, pitch and variations. The professional copywriters often work with a dedicated team, each copywriter having a different perspective.
  4. The professionals know what works on the cyber world and how to reach the right audience in the most effective way.
  5. The fundamental of “core competency” – do what you are good at (your own profession or business) and let the copywriting professionals handle what they are good at. Your concern is the end not the means.

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