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CONTENT CREATION–Why Creating Informative and Actionable Content is Crucial?

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This is truly the age of Communication. All kinds of entities are strongly interacting with each other at personal or professional levels. There is a surge of information around us. And there is a surge in people’s appetite for more information to strengthen knowledge. This transformation has initiated tremendous demand for content in all kinds of media – online, print and television.

Businesses especially are expected to keep feeding their prospects and customers with continuous flow of meaningful and informative content to sustain their attention and increase sales. It is one of the key ways of remaining “on top of the mind” of the customers and promoting the company whilst they decide to try and (or) buy. Good quality content drives traffic and establishes strong connection with customers. The challenge is to create such informative and actionable content to dish it out on a regular basis.

What is Content?

Content comes in different forms some of which are

  • Text
  • Images
  • Pictures
  • Graphics
  • Videos
  • Charts

These are used to populate websites, blogs, articles, whitepapers, social media pages, newsletters, emails, brochures, leaflets, reports, press releases, corporate profiles etc. Beyond the aesthetic look and feel, readers actually look up various media to get acquainted with the content and gain something that is educative and meaningful.

Bottomlineit is content that sells not the cosmetic layout. Well, the layout definitely attracts attention but content helps engage and secure the connection, build trust and relationship, help customer retention.

Why do you need to Create Fresh and Actionable Content REGULARLY?

Content creation for any company or cause is an on-going process. Readers expect a steady flow of fresh and actionable content. Since there are many online resources on any given topic; reader preference can change overnight and you might just lose a worthy prospect or customer. Hence, the single goal is to keep serving fresh content to the readers regularly empowering them to act upon.

  • It is vital that readers are attracted and interested towards the content. It means the content has to be well-researched and crisply crafted since it also speaks about the company, its goals and objectives, its culture and the importance that it lays for customer base development and retention.
  • People read online content differently from say newspaper articles. People skim through online content and read only specifics. It is a reason why fresh content is required to keep the interest from waning. The content has to be clutter-free and crisp with simple language to connect with the audience many of whom might be layman.
  • The reader should be able to relate to the content while gathering something new. They must eagerly look forward to the next dose. Access to fresh content is addictive.
  • Fresh content means more traffic which impacts online advertisements too.
  • Good content creates a positive perception in the mind of the readers/ customers. It signals commitment and integrity to build a relation and not just gain a one-time sale deal.

The Task of Content Creation

It is clear that readers and customers look for fresh and informative content. This puts a huge demand on the task of content creation.

Another important requirement is to optimize the content so that it is easily visible online and people access it. This involves diligence and discipline on part of the content provider.

Setting up a Content Creation Time-Table is an easy way of organizing and developing content for various outlets. This helps the content developer to plan in advance and identify the topics that will be impactful and the probable date of release. The topics point towards the possible keywords to enhance the visibility of the content.

The biggest quest in content creation is however who will research and do the copywriting. It is not easy to come up with something new routinely and ensure that the content is original. Owing to the fundamental nature and importance of content, the constant pressure to come up with something new, it is advisable that you engage professional content writers who are adept in the task and understand the ever changing nuances of online content.

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