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Advertising Copywriting – Is your content relevant and exciting?

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How often have you seen an advertisement or read about it and wondered what exactly are they trying to say or how it is of any use to you?

Every marketer aims to be unique, distinctive and singular while working on their advertising copywriting to communicate with their customers. This is pretty challenging in case of sectors like FMCG products, auto, banking or pharmaceuticals. There are number of competitors and each one is different only by a hair’s breadth.

But within this space there are some marketers who are persuasive enough to be able to CONNECT with their customers and convert them to loyal buyers.

Does your MESSAGE make sense?

It is the MESSAGE that the marketer manages to convey to their buyers which is the game – changer. A good advertising copywriter will first concentrate on making the advertisement RELEVANT and then make it EXCITING so that Customers are motivated to read/ view it and then ACT upon the Message.

A message will make sense if the advertising copywriter lays equal emphasis on the CUSTOMER and the PRODUCT/ Service.

Advertising Copywriting is all about Written Communication. Brochures, leaflets, websites, press releases, newsletters – every document needs to be impeccably written. It has its upside and downside.

On the upside the copywriter can be very choosy about the words, terminology and layout of the message while on the downside the reader or recipient might just read it wrong!

What comes before the MESSAGE?

  • Know the Customer
    • Who is the Customer? Who makes the DECISION to buy? For example – choice of family cars are often dependent on what the kids and the wife want rather than a car’s technical attributes.
    • What is the Customer’s aspiration? How will it get fulfilled by acquiring the product? Which latent need does it satisfy?
    • What are their buying behavior and habits? Where do they buy from? How often do they buy?
  • Know the Company and Product
    • What is the Company’s image?
    • What is the benefit of using the Product? How is it different from its competitors and better?
  • Know the Media
    • Which is an appropriate media for communicating the message?
    • What are the characteristics of this particular media that should be considered while copywriting?

A message is effective if it helps to understand CUSTOMER’s need and solve a problem rather than desperately trying to just SELL. A copywriter’s job is to persuade the customer to take action based on the message.

How to get the Message RIGHT?

Knowledge of the customer and the product attributes and benefits helps determine the style of copywriting the message.

A common pitfall that advertising copywriters should avoid is to become overzealous in creating an EXCITING copy while forgetting the RELEVANCE part.

There are also instances when the copy is crammed with too much information and the CUSTOMER/ READER is lost in a maze. Quite often these advertisements are out rightly rejected.

Sometimes too detailed technical content is presented in winding sentences which instead of being informative tends to confuse the reader.

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