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eCommerce: Commonly Overlooked Factors that Affect Purchase Decision

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Ever wondered what is it that makes one e-commerce website, such a hit and another, failing to register enough conversions despite all the marketing efforts? The reason lies in the nitty-gritties, the seemingly-unimportant aspects of design and payment-gateway that you would ideally not pay much attention to; but these end up influencing your buyer’s decision much more than you would ever imagine. These tiny details maybe in the site layout, the logos, the visuals, the graphics, quality assurance badges or certifications, videos and testimonials etc. For example, did you know that the more the number of steps in checking out of the e-shopping process, the higher the chances of an interested customer bouncing off and abandoning the site?

We all knew that getting assurance from existing customers would help build trust and affect conversion rates. But did you know that if it were in the form of videos then it would have far greater impact on the buyer’s psyche? Freebies have always been attractive, but were you aware that a whopping 57% of online shoppers have stated that they would have made no purchase if they were not offered a discount coupon in the first place!? Read on for more such startling eye-openers.

Consumer Psychology and the E-Commerce Checkout – An infographic by the team at vouchercloud

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