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15 awesome Infographics on the Internet

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This is the age of Infographics! Designers and content developers have both come to understand that the information graphics are a better way of getting the information across to their target reader base, vis-à-vis traditional, boring content. If you are a designer or content developer, you may enjoy viewing the following Infographics and they may serve as a great source of inspiration for you.

1. When sea levels attack: this Infographic is interesting because it presents important and vital information about the changing climatic conditions that are in turn affecting the sea-levels – in an innovative manner.

When sea levels attack infographic

2. The Freelancer: a fresh and interesting look at those workers who fly solo! It is almost a demographic take on who likes to freelance and why; what is the likely percentage of females vis-a-vis males and where are they to be found!

Freelance at a glance Infographic

3. Salt Mountains: for the interested reader, this Infographic will explain which common food category has what quantity of salt. Though the information might be a bit boring, the presentation makes it an interesting read.

Salt Mountains Infographic

4. Iran: bordering on the politically controversial, this particular Infographic takes a long, hard look at the geo-locations of military bases in Iran.

Iran wants war infographic

5. Internet traffic: learn how many and what percentage of the world population is surfing the internet.

Internet Traffic Infographic

6. Pearson Education: provides some interesting statistics on online education. For example, it shows the number of higher education students pursuing at least one online course.

Pearson Education Infographic

7. Mobile internet users: catering to the requirement of mobile users who access the internet when on the go and slowly changing the entire e-commerce landscape, this infographic presents some interesting figures and numbers.

Mobile Internet Users Infographic

8. MovieFranchises : an interesting look at the biggest grossers in terms of revenue and profits, among the movies released.

Movie Franchises Infographic

9 . McDonald’s stat: providing an insight into the number of customers who prefer to eat what and their geographical locations across all McDonald’s stores across the globe.

McDonald's Infographic

10. Internet costs and speeds around the world: take a look at the figures and the vital stats related to the surfing costs and the broadband speed in all countries across the globe.

Internet speeds and costs around the world Infographic

11. Asthma in America: find out who all are affected and are most likely to be affected by this common ailment in the United States of America.

Asthma in America Infographic

12. Mobile website usage: this Infographic uses the principle of repetition to illustrate a focal point: the mobile internet user’s habit while accessing a site.

Mobile Website Usage Infographic

13. Twitterati: take an interesting look at the generic profiles of the twitter world users and the common idiosyncratic colloquiums that are used.

Profile of a twitter user Infographic

14. Google Usage: a demographic look at the profiles of the users who access the famous search engine world-wide.

who's using google+ infographic

15. DiamondsareForever: profiling if the buyers of this precious gem across the world. Befittingly so, this Infographic has been created by a wedding blog!

Diamonds are forever Infographic

We hope you enjoyed reading the post and that these Infographics inspire you to create some equally interesting Infographics. Please do let us know your feedback in the comment section below.

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