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Design & Optimization Tips to Make Your Landing Page CLICK – Part II

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In the first part, we discussed about what is a Landing Page and who is it designed for. A critical and fundamental question is why does your business need a Landing Page at all? What is it expected to fulfill for the marketer?

Why do you need a Landing Page?

You have one corporate website. Your company offers many types of products and services. All these information are loaded on the website. But all of them are not intended towards same type of customers.

Let us consider that a customer clicks on a banner advertisement for 40 inch LED television. The customer is taken to the home page of the manufacturer. This page talks about the company values, mission and vision, management etc. Here the customer is expected to click on the Products page, and further navigate through televisions, sections on LCD, LED and OLED and finally land up at the 40 inch LED TV page. In majority of the cases, the customer is bound to get confused or switch off and move to some other website on the internet.

There is ample research to prove that the attention span while surfing the net is very limited. People look for bold points, highlighted text or summary. With exceptions like pages on “how to remove the virus from your computer” people do not tend to read the entire contents consistently.

It is in the cases as mentioned above, where marketers are targeting specific customers to prompt them into buying a particular product or service,

Landing Pages prove to be extremely worthwhile.

It is a general tendency of people to get burdened with too much information and too many choices.

Consider the example of an USB data storage drive. Your company sells 2, 4, 8 and 16 GB ones with varying prices. When a customer clicks on your online advertisement and a page is presented with ALL the options, the customer is in a predicament – which USB storage drive will be useful for him.

Instead ask the customer – what he wishes to do with the drive – store data files/ store images/ store songs/ store videos/ all of the above. Based on the customer’s inputs make a direct suggestion of a 2/ 4/ 8 or 16 GB with a clear reason WHY! Effectively, you have made the decision for him and simply presented the page to complete the purchase.
Similar examples can be cited for electronics, consumer white goods like television, microwave, washing machine or refrigerator, mutual funds, insurance plans, automobiles (decision between petrol or a diesel car), books, stationary, watches, goggles etc.

It depends on the ingenuity of the Landing Page copywriter on how he/ she uses the concept to increase conversion.

A Landing Page is developed considering a particular business objective. The message is clearly laid to the target customer to achieve this objective. A Landing Page essentially focuses on the directness of a message giving the customer a specific Call to Action. The chance of achieving sales is much higher in such cases.

What should a Landing Page accomplish?

A Landing Page’s primary purpose is to capture leads. It has very precise objectives

1. To give a very precise message to the customer

  • Buy a Product/ Service
  • Information about a Product/ Service
  • Giving some freebies
  • Joining a Mailing List
  • “Liking” the Social Media Page

2. To increase the confidence of the customer with adequate testimonials, case studies and videos etc.

3. Build customer trust with security features that can range from Declaration of not sharing any information disclosed on the website to displaying site security seals like Verisign etc for authenticity and data security.

4. To increase the Return on Investment (ROI) of the marketing campaign

5.  To increase the conversion rates and reduce bounce rates. Tim Ash (in his book Landing Page Optimization 2nd Ed.) defines the conversion rate as the number of conversions divided by the number of unique visitors. According to him – it is conversion that is Money so Landing Pages should aim to gain conversion and not simply draw traffic.

6. To provide a clear Call to Action (CTA) to the customer explaining what the Landing Page would want the customer to do

A Landing Page like most content online has a narrow window to make the right impact on the visitor/ prospect/ customer. It has to achieve the target of conversion by displaying credibility, gaining enough customer trust to close the sales deal. There is also an underlying motive of enhancing the buying experience for the customer to get repeat sales.

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