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Localised search, real-time search

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The search landscape is changing. First it was twitter making its point as the next big thing in online search, by introducing the search box on its home page. And now, it is Yahoo that has upgraded its local search performance. Some time back, there was a lot of buzz around a new real-time search engine by the name of Collecta, which soon further enhanced its image and video search capability. And ofcourse, with all the talk about Web 3.0, one thing is for sure – we are headed towards very exciting times in online search arena. There will be a marked difference in our approach towards search engine optimisation and search engine promotion.

No longer, for example, can one ignore the fact that a presence on twitter today is essential to gauging the pulse of the market – what are people doing, what are people using, what do they want, what do they buy and ofcourse what do they say about your service, brand or company. No longer can one also ignore that social networking sites like You-tube and Facebook can be and are being increasingly leveraged as the new viral (read word-of-mouth) channels for promotion. It would be interesting to see how semantic tagging (Web 3.0) will impact our lives as users and as internet marketers.

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