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SEO Tactics for your website

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Randfish of SEOmoz daily seo blog shows how the various seo tactics stack up vis-a-vis black hat/ white hat seo and their value.  There is also a Venn diagram of the various Internet Marketing Professions. It is one of those posts that you read and smile and nod to yourself. Its a good article. Recommend a read if you are internet marketing interests you.

A few points I found interesting in the post were:

- Do follow blog comments fall in the Black Hat-High Value quadrant. Black Hat!

- So is paid directory link building. What if these happen to be genuine industry directory listings I wonder?

- Viral content, expectedly is at the extreme end of the high-value side of the spectrum while Search engine submission is at the opposite end.

- Keyword research, on-page optimisation, xml-sitemaps, internal link architecture get a thumbs up both in terms of value and ethics.

Take a look at the seo tactics scatterplot here.

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