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The ultimate collection of SEO tools

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SEO is a comparatively less-expensive, yet effective way of reaching out to a wider audience and acquiring new customers. Understanding that SEO is a continuous process, we are enlisting some of the best SEO tools that can help you carryout the process effectively.

Following is a collection of fantastic SEO tools

1. Google Ad-words Keywords: the primary and pone of the most popular SEO tools is the ad word keyword planner. This latest version by Google, of its classic and famous tool, is a mix of the erstwhile tool and the traffic estimator.

2. Website Analyzer: perhaps one of the primary tools that plays an indispensable role in the optimization process of the website. The results generated are in the form of an all-round score.

3. Back-link Checker: checks the relevance of the back-links or the inbound links that form a vital part in increasing the visibility of your website.

4. Density of Keywords: this will help you to check the keyword density of your web pages.

5. Competitor-backlink Checker: This is a tool that will help you track the backlinks of your competitors’ websites and also to understand their link acquisition strategy.

6. Checker of Page-rank: tool that will help you know check the ‘Google page rank’ of your website which shows the overall quality of the backlinks of your site.

7. Spider-view Tool: It simulates Google (or any other search engine) and shows a web page as Google would see it. It, in fact, will also display the hyper-links, that will be followed by or crawled by the engine.

8. Google Position Checker: it searches, finds out and lets you know the positions of your website in SERPs for the entered keywords.

9. Multiple Data-center Position Checker Tool: this particular tool shows the backlinks of your site with different Google datacenters.

10. Future Page-rank checker: this tool lets you know the updated page rank of your site when a page rank update happens.

11. Keyword Difficulty Tool : the tool lets you know the intensity of the competition for various keywords and shows the ranking difficulty level in percentage terms.

12. Google’s IP Checker : this unique but useful SEO tool helps to check the SERP position of your site for given keywords in different IP datacenter.

13. Reverse IP tool : it will help you find out the number of web pages hosted in a particular ip address.

14. Indexed Page-Checker Tool: checks and tells you the total number of pages on your website.

15. Google Yahoo Msn Rank Comparison : presents a comparative result that shows the ranking positions of your website in the SERPs of Google, Yahoo and Bing, for the keyword entered.

16. Checker Tool for Outbound Links: shows the top 10 outbound links on your site.

17. Keyword Suggestion Tool: it suggests the possible keyword combinations that you should consider for the keyword entered.

18. Search Metrics : This tool provides you comprehensive comparative analytical data related to SEO and Paid campaigns. You can assess where your site stands in terms of search visibility, that too, on a weekly basis.

19. SearchLatte : this is an interesting tool that will help you create Google-related searches in any permutation or combination of Google-supported top-level domains, as well as language and country.

20. DeepCrawl : this tool comes armed with a capacity to help you conduct crawls on websites that are of an industrial-size, comprising zillions of pages.

21. Social Crawlytics : as is evident from the name itself, this is a unique tool that will provide you with social media analytics in a comprehensive, page-by-page breakdown format. The analytical details that may be accessed by the site-owner include popularity of an author as well as the page-level shares on social media sites.

22. Advanced WebRanking : It’s a fantastic SEO software that enables you to generate branded SEO reports, monitor and perform competitive analysis and more.

23. WooRank: its creators claim that it is the perfect tool for webmasters, with its wide array of features: comparative analytical reports, smart dashboards that will get you the key metrics of your website’s performance.

24. Index Checker: searches through Google, yahoo and other search engines and lets you know the number of pages of a website indexed in the respective search engines.

25. IP Tool: helps you know the country and the location of an IP address that you have entered.

26. Domain Availability: as the name suggests, it helps you find domains that are currently available for registration.

27. Alexa Traffic Ranking : One of the primarily used SEO tools that shows comprehensive Alexa data which includes Alexa Rank, daily reach, global rank trend, daily page views, page views per user, bounce rate, time on site, search visits etc.

28. Broken Link Finder: Track down and fix any links that may have been broken, but are still present on your website.

29. Website Speed Test: use any browser, like Chrome or IE and know exactly how fast your website loads, that too, at real-time consumer-connection rate.

30. Server-status Check : checks the server-headers as well as the HTTP codes it returns.

31. SourceCode Viewer: helps you understand the HTML source code of any webpage, even for the ones that are designed not to display their codes.

32. Encrypter of HTML: lets you hide the HTML source code, to prevent online theft by hackers and other malicious elements.

33. Unix-Time Converter: easily convert UNIX-based internal time format to a date format or vice-versa.

34. Link-Shortener: helps you to trim the extra long web addresses, making them easier to remember.

35. Extractor of Links: assists you in extracting links from a particular webpage with related anchor-text, as well as HTML code, attributes and the Google page rank.

36. Reciprocal Link-Checker : view and assess all links that are owned by your partners, who are back-linking to your site.

Do you know a good SEO tool that’s not on this list? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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