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Google launches a new beta for Chrome

Posted by : Vikas in web developments ()Comments

Google has launched a speedier beta version of its browser Google Chrome. The new version comes with themes to allow you to customize your browser look and feel to your liking. It also comes with a customizable “New Tab”.

Check out the official Google Chrome blog for more info. Or rather just download the release and try out the new features yourself. The new version offers the ability to delete a thumbnail or pin it so that it always shows up in the New tab, irresective of the number of times it is visited recently. You now have a lot of flexibility in terms of what you want to see on your New tab page in Chrome.

There is also a “Recent Activities” box where it shows pages visited recently, recent downloads etc. This info has been moved from the right column of the screen in the earlier version to below the thumbs in the new beta. There is an “Even more” box next to the Recent Activities box, the purpose of which I haven’t understood clearly. My guess is Google is going to use the beta feedback from users to decide on what to show here. Any suggestions? It might be a good idea to have some links shown up as suggestions based on the Recent Activities. Though not Google Ads hopefully.

Oh and yes, you can switch between a thumbnail view and a List view, hide thumbnails, hide Recent Activities, hide the Even More box. The three small icons on top right let you do all of that. A lot of flexibility there but I couldn’t see the “Recent bookmarks” info anywhere on the new screen :-(

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