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Google Penguin Update – Is your website Affected?

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As we all know, search engines are continually changing their algorithms to account for spam by search engine optimisers who follow black hat techniques and to improve the quality of search results.The latest update to come out of Google is called the Penguin update (Google seems to have a thing for exotic animal names, the [...]

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SEO strategy for top Bing rankings

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Post the Microsoft-Yahoo deal which finally happened in July end, it is well known that Microsoft’s Bing will now power Yahoo search and Yahoo will be the exclusive worldwide salesforce for both Yahoo and Microsoft’s premium search advertisers.
In simple terms, its goodbye to optimising your website for yahoo and the focus now is on Google [...]

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Google’s Caffeine an answer to Microsoft’s Bing?

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Google unveiled its secret project Caffeine recently. Caffeine is, as Google puts it, the first step in an effort that will raise the bar on size, indexing speed, accuracy, comprehensiveness and other search dimensions. In other words, it is a marked improvement in terms of the infrastructure behind Google’s search engine. For the user though, [...]

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