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Making it easy to choose fonts for brochure design

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One of the most important elements of graphic design is typeface or font. Choosing the right fonts while designing the layout is critical to the look and feel of the brochure or the website. Equally important, if not more so, is the role of typeface in how effectively the brochure design or web design conveys [...]

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SEO strategy for top Bing rankings

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Post the Microsoft-Yahoo deal which finally happened in July end, it is well known that Microsoft’s Bing will now power Yahoo search and Yahoo will be the exclusive worldwide salesforce for both Yahoo and Microsoft’s premium search advertisers.
In simple terms, its goodbye to optimising your website for yahoo and the focus now is on Google [...]

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How to make your small business thrive online

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Small businesses thrive online…declares Verizon’s site. If there is one business segment that the internet has done maximum good for, it has to be the “small business” segment – be it a mom-and-pop shop in a remote part of the world or a small manufacturing unit in a big city.
Internet has made [...]

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Critical Security Patch for Adobe Flash and Acrobat Released

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Adobe has recently released a critical security patch for its Flash player and Acrobat reader. The patch is for what is being termed as the biggest security hole in the internet. According to Trusteer, an online security company, 80% of users are still vulnerable! This is a huge number by any reckoning.
Who is affected? Those [...]

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The truths about the viral culture

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There is an interesting insight into the viral marketing culture in this conversation between Bill Wasik and Simon Dumenco of Advertising Age. Bill Wasik, is the author of “And Then There’s This: How Stories Live and Die in Viral Culture”. He is the man credited with organizing the first “flash mob” in New York city.
Wasik [...]

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Free tools to create stunning graphs & charts

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I saw these beautiful charts and graphs on a personal blog yesterday and that prompted me to dive headlong into the web and look for some nifty, free tools to create stunning graphs and charts that can be used on one’s blog or website.
Here are some I feel compelled to share with you all…
OpenOffice: Well, [...]

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SEO Tactics for your website

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Randfish of SEOmoz daily seo blog shows how the various seo tactics stack up vis-a-vis black hat/ white hat seo and their value.  There is also a Venn diagram of the various Internet Marketing Professions. It is one of those posts that you read and smile and nod to yourself. Its a good article. Recommend [...]

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