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Why Your Website Needs To Have CSS Layouts

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While the topic may sound too technical and consequently of little interest to most business owners, it is something you need to know nonetheless if you view your website as a sales and marketing tool. Even though its something that exists at the backend and is not visible to your site visitors, the code used [...]

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Google Penguin Update – Is your website Affected?

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As we all know, search engines are continually changing their algorithms to account for spam by search engine optimisers who follow black hat techniques and to improve the quality of search results.The latest update to come out of Google is called the Penguin update (Google seems to have a thing for exotic animal names, the [...]

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Google Drive is here – 5GB trial free

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Google finally launched its cloud service by the name of  Google Drive today. With so many cloud services already out there including the much popular Apple’s iCloud service and Dropbox already out there, it would be interesting to see how Google Drive does.

The advantages that Google Drive has upfront are that the product integrates well [...]

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