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4 Key Metrics to Measure Social Media Marketing Performance

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The potential of social media marketing is immense. A Company running an effective and well-planned Social Media marketing campaign is likely to reach more prospects and enhance its social presence. But, it also becomes equally important to measure the performance of a social campaign effectively and continuously in order to identify the strengths and problem areas. Based on the findings required tweaks can be made to enhance performance consistently. That is where the metrics to measure and analyze your campaign come into play.

Here are 4 key metrics to measure social media campaign performance:

1. Social views and impressions:

a. Unique Views: This metric shows the number of unique visitors who viewed your posts.

For ex: Facebook reach data is generated by Facebook, when it taps into the Facebook API and segregates into organic and paid. The Facebook reach is, in effect, the number of unique views of your post.

Facebook Reach - Insights

The classifications of the reach are as under: organic reach is defined as the number of unique viewers of your post, in their news feed, or on your page. This number also happens to include people who viewed the post, when their friends share it, or even when the friends engaged in any manner: namely liking or commenting etc.

b. Total views/impressions: As obvious, it denotes the number of times your audience has seen your content shared on social platforms –`        articles, videos, slides, graphics, photos etc (This metric shows the repeated views of same visitors too).

Starbucks Youtube Views

Image:  ”See How Coffee is Made in the Clover” video created by Starbucks has been viewed 40283 times so far on YouTube.

Image:  SlideShare’s  PPT titled “7 Tips for Getting Featured on SlideShare”  has been viewed 182208 times so far on SlideShare.

Linkedin Impressions

Image: Screenshot shows the number of impressions generated by a post on LinkedIn.

2. Social Engagement

You can measure the level of audience engagement (on or off page/profile) by tracking a few evaluation parameters.  Here are they..

What to measure?

The total number of:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Retweets
  • @mentions or @replies
  • Hastags
  • Reference
  • Citations
  • Shares
  • Links

How to measure?

Calculate the Engagement Rate: It is the total number of likes, comments, retweets, @replies etc. divided by the total fan count. Creating content that engages people and excites them is the primary requisite of a social media marketer. Engagement rate helps you to take note of things that attract more and more people. What makes this metric even more effective is that the result is relative to the page-size, which implies that the engagement rate of a page with 20000 fans is comparable with one with 2 million fans.

3. Social Connections and Fan base:

The number of Facebook fans, Twitter and LinkedIn followers, LinkedIn connections, YouTube subscribers, blog subscribers, slide share followers etc gives you an estimate about your brand’s popularity on the social media.  But, building irrelevant fan base would be a waste of time and money, which is a common mistake often committed by many businesses. Attract your target audience and build a relevant fan base. Engagement rate can be a good indicator of the relevancy of your fan base to your business.

4. Traffic and conversion rate:

Last but not the least, Traffic and conversions. Ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is to increase the customer base. Though, social media marketing brings a lot of long-term benefits (brand awareness, brand image/reputation building, better customer relationship and brand loyalty etc.), it is also important to focus on short-term goals – traffic and conversions. Tracking the number of visitors from social media platforms to your website, bounce rate, time spent by those visitors on site, conversation rate etc. can help you to ensure that your campaign doesn’t go off-track.

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