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Critical Security Patch for Adobe Flash and Acrobat Released

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Adobe has recently released a critical security patch for its Flash player and Acrobat reader. The patch is for what is being termed as the biggest security hole in the internet. According to Trusteer, an online security company, 80% of users are still vulnerable! This is a huge number by any reckoning.

Who is affected? Those with the following versions of flash player, AIR or Reader are vulnerable:

  • Adobe Flash Player and and earlier 9.x and 10.x versions
  • Adobe AIR 1.5.1 and earlier versions
  • Adobe Reader and Acrobat 9.1.2 and earlier 9.x versions

What surprises me is that until I read this article incidently yesterday on WebProNews, most of us had neither heard of the security vulnerability, nor the patch release. This is when the patch was released over 2 weeks ago.

An important update like this one, which affects as much as 80% of internet users, should be given more publicity. I would have expected news releases going out to even mainstream newspapers. After all, don’t we all use the free flash player and the acrobat reader? Infact, it would be hard today to find a PC or a laptop that does not have atleast one of these applications installed! Lets hope that those involved wake up to it. In the meantime, we request our readers to download these security patches and also spread the word around.

Download Adobe Flash

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader Win Mac Unix

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