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5 Quick Tips to Create an Irresistible Call to Action

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Apart from all of your marketing and designing efforts, the appeal of the calls to action too plays an important role in turning prospects to customers, thus it can’t be overlooked.

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Here are five quick tips to make your call to action irresistible:

1. Color: When designing a call to action, make sure that its color is highly contrasting to your web site template or page. This will make it stand out and get more attention than other elements present.
2. Size: In case of CTA, Big is better. But don’t make it look too BIG. Let it stand out but it shouldn’t look odd. The idea is to make sure that it doesn’t go unnoticed.
3. Location: Place them at prominent locations. No customer would be spending much time to look for the buy/download button. It’s recommended to place them above the fold of the web pages.
4. Text: Everyone likes a good, attractive nice looking font. Be specific in telling the CTA’s purpose. Plus your CTA should give out some sense of urgency or appeal for an instant approach. e.g. BUY NOW,  TODAY, NOW, HURRY!! etc.
5. Icon: You can also add icon that would aid the prospects visually about what is behind the button. E.g. an arrow for button is common as it lands the user on the page where he places the order.

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