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Drive Sales using Persuasive Email Copywriting

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Email marketing is (NOT) dead contend Jason Falls and D. J. Waldow, who have co-written Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing, The: Grow Your List, Break the Rules, and Win. Indeed, today email marketing is the MOST cost effective and SUCCESSFUL means to engage customers and market products, services, brands or a company. It can effortlessly reach a wider audience in a personalized manner allowing the recipient to store and forward the email if they wish. With strong email copywriting strength, marketers can accomplish greater customer engagement and enable higher sales and revenue.

There are 3 steps to guarantee ABSOLUTE SUCCESS of your email campaigns.

  1. Persuade and Convince customers, prospects and random people to explicitly choose to receive the emails by joining the mailing list. Give them a simple and attractive user interface to become a part of the list. This will ensure that the emails are desired and read not outright deleted. Congratulations! You have grabbed attention and that’s 50% job well done! All you need to do now is create interest and influence customers to ACT. That takes us to Step #2.
  2. Customers are interested only if they perceive something of VALUE. Marketers can achieve customer interest by engaging and empowering them with a well-designed email copy. Email copywriters can adeptly produce emails that not only share information about the company or its products and brands but also presents crucial information about the industry, recent trends, competing product cross comparison showing value of own products, success stories, customer feedback, new and upcoming launches, conducts survey to gather primary data and helps the reader join suitable forums or social media groups to enrich the buying experience. With a strong, intense and persuasive email copy, backed by a legitimate segmented mailing list; marketers can attain maximum mileage through their email campaigns. This step is the crux of the entire email campaign.
  3. The success of email campaign rest with “Tracking” the emails to monitor what customers are interested in and which links they are clicking on. This gives an insight about customer buying trends and loops back to enhancing Step #1.

How do you produce a captivating email and generate sales?

Buying is an emotional personal action. That EXPLAINS why people buy what they buy and in the quantities and frequency that they buy. Even a cold and calculated purchase is induced by certain triggers and consideration. There is always a stimulus.

Email copywriting basically aims to INCREASE SALES and GROW CUSTOMER BASE by CONNECTING appropriately with the target market providing the right IMPETUS TO BUY. But not all email campaigns show the same kind of result. Where some lead to growth in revenue, others are simply waste of resources and probably shrink sales.

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.” ~ Leo Burnett

The SUCCESS of email marketing is ASSURED if the email copywriter is Extensively acquainted with the company’s product or service and the probable target customer profile

A company has clear ideas of who will be buying their product and why. The value proposition can change from time to time which the email copywriter should be aware of. The email has to be relevant to the target population.

  • The manufacturer of Huggies is clearly aiming at parents having children between the ages of 1 day to say 3 to 4 years. Knowing your EXACT customer profile is critical in producing a crisp, result-oriented email.
  • Cadbury’s Dairy Milk was once considered to be a children-focused product. Now it is being pitched as an alternative to sweets during our festivals. The email copywriter needs to know the changes while designing the email copy.

The email copywriters consider the PRODUCT CATEGORY very seriously. Whether the product is a routine item like food or a periodic item like cosmetics or garments or it is a high value product like a car or electronics or even music. Here value is not just MONEY but importance of the item in the buyer’s life. Why? Because the level of involvement and time taken at each step of the buying process is largely dependent on the category. And that decides how the email is structured and aesthetically presented.

The language, flow, tone, appearance and periodicity of the email are completely dependent on WHAT is the perceived value of the product or the service.

The look and feel of an email promoting an entry level car will be absolutely different from a luxury car. In the former, the copywriter is selling a “car” where price is central concern while in the latter they are selling a “brand” where price is not the main factor.

Perceptive of the factors influencing the customer’s BEHAVIOR and

Personal – Demographic parameters like age, gender, marital status, number of children, education, profession, income are BIG determinants.
A generic email to all age groups and gender about a product that appeal to only a particular segment lacks inspiration and involvement on part of the email copywriter.

How many full-time working professionals will be interested in an email promoting home personal grooming kit?

Psychological – A person’s perception, attitude and beliefs are sustained by their personality.
A particular discount offer in an email might elicit feeling of joy in certain people whereas others might perceive it as a deficiency in the product.
A good email copywriter is one who can influence perception thus altering attitude towards the product and subsequently provoke the customer to buy.

Social – A large part of our impulse to buy a particular item depends on our social strata, our associations and peer group, our network and culture in general.
One trigger that motivates Asians might have no effect on Africans.
We opt for a particular vacation package if someone in our social circle has made use of it shared the experience
Sometimes we buy if five others have bought the same. It creates a sense of Trust in the product. It is a validation of its worth and utility. These are the selling points which email copywriters incorporate in their content without being blatant or overt.
If you buy a book from Amazon, you will see couple of other books recommended by them stating “people who bought the above book also bought these ones”. They are NOT asking you to buy. They are making suggestions. They are engaging and informing you.

Successfully Engaging, Empowering and Enabling the Customer at each stage of the Buying Process to BUY

  • Email copywriters strive to CREATE A NEED where none exists. They ENGAGE the customer using emails carefully crafted based on the reader’s “CUSTOMER PROFILE” to entice.
  • They talk about their product and they talk about substitutes and competitors’ products all the while feeding the customer’s latent needs and wants carefully herding them towards a desired destination.
  • The copywriter smoothly drives the customer to the corporate website and various social media platforms to ENGAGE them further preferably with existing buyers.

5Stages of Buying

  • The colors and the fonts, the words and the language, the timing of the emails all are consciously chosen to create an ambience and MOTIVATE the customer.
  • Successful copywriters are honest and they DO NOT sell.  They simply motivate the readers who begin to FEEL that they NEED the product and that is why they are buying it.
  • The smarter emails are devised to give free information, free trials (with no compulsion to buy) to customers to EMPOWER them. Letting customers use your products before purchasing helps win their TRUST through actual EVIDENCE. For example: Telling a person that a music system has superior sound quality is less convincing than letting them use it and evaluate for themselves.
  • Well-designed emails stimulate customers to take part in surveys and interactive forums to voice their views and suggestions. This creates BELONGINGNESS.
    Many companies nowadays have a steady group of ardent followers who are given initial preview when a product or service is launched. Once the sample group is satisfied, they themselves initiate word of mouth publicity – FREE OF COST.
  • All the emails ensure that it is EASY and SECURE to buy once the customer is ready with his decision. There is always a chance of missed sale if the customer is unable to buy right at that moment. That is ENABLING them to buy anytime. IMPULSIVE BUYING is sans logic but results in outright revenue. Email copywriters never miss such an opportunity.
  • Engaging, empowering and enabling the customer is further reinforced by the email copywriter once they purchase. Because is accomplishing one-time purchase what persuasive email copywriting is all about? NO! The copywriter wants to know how informative were the emails to the customer in helping him buy. What does the customer feel about the product compared to its perceived value? What else would have helped make a faster decision? What will drive him to recommend the product to others? What will make him buy again and again and AGAIN!

The ultimate goal of a good email marketing plan is to achieve “Brand LOYALTY”.

A customer should come back again and again to buy, share views, bring others to buy and spread the good word. To DRIVE SALES!

And what YOU need is to hire the services of an Experienced, Resourceful and Result-Oriented Professional Email Copywriter.

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