Case Study - Advertising Website

Application: Ad Publisher and Click Tracker

Industry: Advertising 

Aim:  To develop an ad publishing platform where advertisers get to display ads to a very focused and willing audience.

Background: Our client approached us with a concept of an advertisement website development. The concept of  a targeted ad website was innovative and provided us with a unique opportunity to develop a solution with a strong profiling and targeting application.

Objectives: We proceeded with the project outlining the following primary objectives:
Solution: In accordance with the objectives of the project, we came up with a  robust and modulare architecture offering usability and accessibility to the administrator. The website had a number of modules for categorizing ads and subscribers. An easy to use Content Management System was provided so that the client could manage each section of the website on their own. The website has a host of features for both advertisers and the subscribers as well. Impressions, clicks, target profiling are important modules of this project. Payments can be calculated and a log maintained online.

Technical Background:
PHP and MySql on the server-side
HTML and Javascript on the client-side

Features: The website offers the following features to the administrator and the user:
Admin Section: The website administrator can easily create, edit or delete categories and sub-categories used for categorization of advertisements.

The admin can assign individual brands or ads to suitable categories and set them up to target specific profiles of subscribers. The admin also has complete control over the advertiser and subscriber database.
Detailed reporting features are available to the admin for payment received, payment sent and those that are pending from the advertiser or to the subscriber. An archive of ads displayed and payment history are also created for easy reference.
Member Section: The website members or subscribers can create and manage their profiles and choose the categories of ads they are interested in. They can see which sec classification they are profiled under and what kind of companies are interested in them. A history of ads viewed by them and payments received or pending are also available to them for easy reference.