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Multimedia presentations provide you an ideal platform to stand out from clutter. Your clients and prospects are bombarded everyday by messages and advertising through print and other traditional media.

Burgeoning competition and the accompanying clamour to get noticed, have necessitated a form of communication that can present exhaustive information in an interactive and engaging way.

Interactive CD-ROM based multimedia corporate presentations, CBTs, new product launch info CDs and multimedia CD catalogs can give you the edge that can help attain higher recall and recognition from your prospects. Not yet convinced? Read more about benefits of CD ROM multimedia corporate presentations.

We can help you convert your We can create stunning multimedia cd presentation design and engaging cd catalog designs - designs which are sure to generate your clients' interest in your products. We can either place your data in a static or in a dynamic manner onto a CD.

You get a master CD-ROM or a digital card which is basically an electronic business card shaped CD-ROM, also called a CD card. Your presentation or multimedia cd catalogue is written onto this cd. It also has an auto-run file and a cdicon customised for you. You could replicate as and when you need more copies. You will be surprised to find out how cheap it works out in comparison to print catalogues and how easy it is to make changes.

If you already have a website we can put it on a CD, design a website intro and make it auto-run and launch your website after the intro is over. Check out one such flash website intro. See a multimedia CD presentation sample.

Works out great for a new product launch too!

If you want to know more about how a cd presentation can help your business or just want more info on our multimedia CD presentation/ cd catalogue designing process, click here. To get a quote, mail us your requirements.
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