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Copywriting WINNING Direct Mail

Direct Mail campaign is process, a long – term dedicated program. The results do not appear overnight. Marketing and customer conversion requires concentrated and dedicated efforts over a long period of time. Success of Direct Mail is dependent on systematic analysis of past campaigns, learning from the hitches, following the process and disciplined perseverance. 

Who better than an Enablingbiz Direct Mail copywriter to create a copy that formulates a Resounding Offer and Triggers maximum customer response?

Our Direct Mail Development PROCESS

Our Process starts with Analysis of the Marketing Objective of the Campaign aimed to be realized with the Direct Mail. We deliberate on the past mails to identify what worked, what did not and why. This ensures that we do not make the same mistakes. 
We invest considerable time in the beginning getting to know our client, their business, their revenue drivers, the shortcomings, competition, industry dynamics because Direct Mail is not just another mail.

It is a Sales Proposal, it makes Promises, it Guarantees performance, it aims to BUILD A RELATION for brand loyalty and repeat purchases. It is never a onetime deal.  
We follow a generalized procedure. 
Direct Mail Copy Writing Process

We provide end – to – end solution from copywriting to designing artwork of the Direct Mail and the Envelope. 
We insist and conduct rigorous testing to assure Success of our Direct Mail copy. 

Why Enablingbiz’s Direct Mail copy delivers OUTSTANDING RESULTS repeatedly?

Hit a Bull’s Eye! Achieve your Sales Targets! Engage our Direct Mail Copywriting Services TODAY and Get that Crisp Message Delivered to a Large Profiled Audience. Achieve a High Rate of Response. 

Your Direct Mail revenue will effortlessly cover much more than the cost.  

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