Custom Logo Design

A unique, custom logo design. Starting form $150.

Every logo designer in our graphic design company is an art college graduate. And a specialist in graphic design. We wouldn't trust your logo to just any designer. Because we know, your logo is the 'face' of your company - your business identity. It is the cornerstone of all your branding and marketing activity.

Logo design for us is an exercise bordering on the religious. We treat it as a process as complex and beautiful as bringing something new into the world. The love is obvious in the result. Each logo design that comes out is unique and beautifully captures the soul of your brand.

To start us off, all you need to do is choose a package that suits your needs:

SOHO Package USD 150

Corporate Package USD 250

Logo Facelift/modification
charged based on work needed.
Animation of existing logo USD 30

Depending on the service you choose, you will have a choice of logo designs within 3-6 days. We incorporate your feedback, deliver the revised design. And you have a great looking professional logo design that is 100% original and unique. Something you can trademark and own.

So, take the first step in creating the right identity for your brand. Get in touch with EnablingBiz. The graphic design company that lives and breathes logo design.

*Quote by: Alina Wheeler
I really appreciate the way the team of enablingbiz worked on the theme and design of our promotional material. It really generated volumes to our biz. Enablingbiz not only designed for us but acted as consultants and filled up the missing links in our Branding & Positioning exercise. Great work!!!
Vishal Goyal
The Grand Piazza

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