Company Profile Copywriting

Copywriting “MARKETABLE” Company Profile

The crux of any Company Profile copywriting effort lies in identifying “who is it aimed at?” What are their interests and objectives? Why should a Banker lend you at a competitive rate? Why should a Venture Capitalist exhibit interest in your company? Why should a stellar performer become your employee? Why should a Supplier provide you a comfortable credit proposal? Why should the community display affirmative behavior towards a company? 

Your Company Profile should ideally provide answers to all these questions effectively. It should be able to “market” the company to each of these interested groups or prospective stakeholders.

For example – Let us consider the company profile of a branded jeans garment manufacturer. A customer would be reading the company profile to see what kind of fit, cut and colors are available? Where are the outlets? A supplier will be keen to see the health of their balance sheet, their credit terms and promptness of payment. An investor will be keen to see what machinery and competence does the company have, what is their turnover, how much market share do they possess? 
It is the “audience” who is the starting point of our Company Profile copywriting proposal. 

Our copywriters develop Company Profile aimed at 
We provide Company Profile copywriting output in various forms tailor-made to your needs

Copywriting Process

The copywriting team at Enablingbiz has cultivated a trait of providing maximum value to their clients. The company profile copywriting process takes into consideration the shifting need of customized content for different focus-groups. 

The end – result is comprehensive and all-encompassing so that the content can be reused to slice and dice into smaller pieces as per future customized requirement. It also reduces cost of copywriting project or event-specific company profile. 

All content is specifically search engine optimized for higher ranking and visibility. 
We take into account your competitors in the market, their company profiles and focus areas as well as overall industry trends while writing your company profile. 

                                           Company Profile Creation Process
Company profile copywriting is not a one-time activity. It has recurring needs like distribution during trade fairs, exhibitions, business or press conference, annual general body meetings etc. Our documents and profiles are designed to create offshoots of the core document for specific projects with a time bound condition. 

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