Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is an undeniable strategic concern for all companies (irrespective of size and operation) especially to create and maintain a Strong Brand Image. The lines between online and physical world have blurred and given the explosive use of social media by netizens, Online Reputation Management is critical to business success today.

Online Reputation Management provides answers to the ever pressing questions every business has, viz.;

Are you aware of the online reputation of your company/ product / brand at this very moment?

Most probably NOT!

With the emergence of social media, smartphones and easy Internet access, people are strongly connected to many others communicating without any geographic limitation using a combination of sites.

This communication and conversation is

It is this rapid exchange of opinion, views and counter views about everything which often creates or destroys attitude, perception and belief about a company or its products and brands.

Thus, it makes immense sense to proactively adopt an Online Reputation Management strategy before disaster strikes and dilutes brand value and diminishes company goodwill.

We, at specialize in customized Online Reputation Management for clients who outsource it to us. It requires sound command over search technologies and algos and social media usage to collect the discrete information and create positive Online Reputation. We have a multi-pronged comprehensive online reputation management solution to help realize a defined ORM strategy. Our solution includes: Read more about our Online Reputation Management Process or simply call us at +91-11-30201033 to know more.