Landing Page Design

Getting traffic but no sales?

A friend of mine spent thousands of dollars setting up his business website, doing seo, ppc and social media marketing. And is now getting tons of clicks to his website. Sadly though these hits are not translating into business... Identify with the story?
Well, most businesses do. And the problem lies in not developing a comprehensive online strategy. While you remembered to hire the best designer, programmer, the seo and the ppc management guys, what you ignored was the landing page - the first page that your site visitors are going to land on.
The landing page needs to be bang on. It needs to tell people where they are and how you can benefit them. It needs to urge people to stay and find out more and take an action. If it does not engage them in 7 seconds, they are as good as gone forever. That’s the nature of the web. 
And if you manage to make them stick around but give no clear call to action, then well, you have just lost a potential client. That’s human nature - we want to be told what to do. So you must tell your site visitors what you want them to do. 

Landing page optimisation is what you need

Contrary to popular perception, landing page is not just the home page of a website. It is just about any page that serves as an entry point to your website.  Any page that appears in search engine results is therefore a landing page.  By the same logic, a website could hence have multiple landing pages. For best results, our online marketers tend to treat each web page as a landing page. 
Who is landing?
Before we begin, we work with you to get a clear, in-depth understanding of your target audience including their online behavior. 
Clear Objectives
A landing page must have a clear call to action. And so its objective must be very clear. Our online marketer works with the web design team, right at the site architecture design stage and lays down clear objectives for each page. It could be getting visitors to sign up for a newsletter, downloading a free demo, buying a product, filling up a contact form or such.
For best results, each landing page is dedicated to one objective. Trying to get a visitor to do too many things will only end up confusing them.
Relevant Content
While promoting these pages on search engines, on social media sites or email campaigns, it is ensured that landing pages have content relevant to what people who click on these links will be expecting to see. If they click on a link that talks of "Limited time free download", they need to be taken to the downloads page where email ids are captured. If they are taken to the home page instead, the chances of conversion are going to be much lesser. 
Clean Design
While the website theme is worked upon by the graphic designer, the online marketer is the better judge of the layout of the body sections of the landing pages. How much text to put in? What to write? What font sizes and styles to use? The choice of colors? What kind of graphics to use? Where to place the call to action? How to minimise user distractions? These and more questions are considered while designing your landing pages.
Clever copy
Appropriate tag lines, persuasive copy, subtle calls to action finally lead the visitor to do what they were supposed to do. Our creative copywriters and online marketers work together to achieve the best results for your pages.
A/B and multivariate testing
Our landing page optimisers assess the landing page performance through Google analytics and heatmaps. Different versions of the landing page with different graphic elements, copy, colors and other creative differences are tested to figure out the most effective landing page design.
Page optimisation
Based on the test results, we fine tune the landing page design. This is quite often a continual process, with each round resulting in a better ROI. 
We can help you with optimising your existing landing pages or creating new landing pages. Hire us to design successful landing pages and ensure a positive ROI on your web promotion efforts.
*Quote by: Avinash Kaushik