Internet Consultant

EnablingBiz provides 360 degree Internet Consultancy. Our services center around Internet Marketing Consultancy and ROI focused Internet Development Solutions for SMBs.

From registering the right domain name to creating an effective online presence to generating online sales, our consultants can help you across the wide spectrum of internet services. With over 8 years of experience in internet marketing and internet development, we have developed significant expertise in developing ROI focused internet strategy for SMBs.

Each business is unique and therefore there is no one-size-fits-all. Engaging users on facebook may be great but are your buyers using facebook as much as the average user is? Will they be willing to engage with you on facebook or are you going to spend several hours a day to create a three figure fan list? Are they even there on facebook in the first place?
Your designer friend may suggest impressive flash website for you, but is that likely to bring in business? Or will it just be another pretty face on the world wide web? We help you figure what will bring in the best returns on your investments.

Anyone who has had any kind of an online presence knows that simply being on the web does not equate to an "effective" online sales & marketing strategy. To ensure that your online marketing strategy brings in the desired results, it requires the same amount (if not more) of disciplined research, planning, creativity, tracking and analytics as needed for offline marketing. That’s where our internet consultants can help.

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