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AJAX technology is a group of interrelated web development techniques that are used on the client-side to create interactive web applications. An acronym for Aynchronous Javascript and XML, AJAX uses a combination of several technologies such as CSS, Document Object Model, XSLT, and XML to dynamically display and interact with the information presented without wasting too much time.

AJAX has gained tremendous popularity among web developers in a very short period of time. Its use has allowed for greater interactivity on the user interfaces of websites. The most important advantage of AJAX framework, which accounts for its popularity, is that it communicates with the server without affecting the status of the web page on the user’s machine. Quite simply, it cuts down the waiting time of the user.

The benefits of AJAX for your website…

PHP AJAX Development combines the client side programming with the server side programming to provide faster, more interactive browsing where the user never sees blank browser window or an hourglass icon while waiting for the server to respond. AJAX web development is advantageous where you want:
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