Case Study - Indian Handicrafts

Application: B2B Marketplace 
Industry: Handicrafts
Aim: To design a B2B website where handicrafts buyers can browse through fully featured catalogs of different handicraft manufacturers and suppliers.
Background: This website was conceptualised to help handicrafts manufacturers, small artisans, ngos and others have a good online presence. Being found by search engines was of primary importance from the perspective of sellers. From buyers perspective, the website had to hold out the promise of greater choice of suppliers as well as products.
Objectives: The objectives that our development team had to accomplish were:
Solution: The development team created a user-friendly interface such that a non-technical user can use to upload their company information and product details. At the user end, the site has an intuitive navigation that allows website visitors to conveniently browse through the various product catalogs and buy them online or send bulk inquiries. Architecture is search engine friendly and allows for quick indexing and better performance in search engine result pages.
The admin section is developed in such a manner that the administrator need not have much technical knowledge.
The website login area is divided into three different panels:
Technical Background:
Technologies Used:
PHP and MySql on the server-side
HTML, AJAX, CSS and Javascript on the client-side
The features for the above mentioned types of users/panels are:
Master Admin Panel
Registered Users: Master admin can view and manage different registered users
Articles: Can add new articles related to different handicraft products

Catalog: Can manage the different products and can also publish them

RSS: Can generate RSS feeds for different products

Edit Mails: Has the ability to send automated emails to suppliers

Supplier Admin Panel:
Supplier admin is one who manages its products and profile. Features provided here are: 

User Panel:
A user can enjoy the following features: