Case Study - Virtual Money Making Application

Application: Virtual Stock Exchange Application

Industry: Education

Aim: To develop a web based application to be embedded onto the client's existing college networking website, to allow students to earn by simply adding posts or blogs or just uploading a video. 

Background: One of our clients for whom we designed and developed a social networking site, approached us with a very interesting concept of virtual stock exchange like application development. The purpose of the application was to encourage online interactivity amongst the students by giving them an option to make money on the network. The client wanted a virtual stock exchange like application where students can invest in the form of posts and can earn and sell the post for any amount less than the market value of the post. 

Objectives: After having discussion on the basis needs and requirements of the clients, we outlined the primary objectives of the development process as listed below :
Solution: Keeping in mind the above, we came up with a web application design where: Technical Background:
PHP and MySql on the server-side
HTML, AJAX and Javascript on the client-side

Features: The application provides different features for the administrator and the end-user:
Admin section – The administrator can easily and effectively manage the content of the site. The administrator can manage all aspects of posts, credits and star members.
Member Section – The application offers an interactive interface for its users. The students using the application can: