Case Study - Home Care Providers

Application: Healthcare Website
Industry: Home Care Providers
Aim: To design a website that allows customers to contact genuine, certified household healthcare staff to provide care at their homes.
Background: The client wanted us to build a website to offer a platform for care providers and customers seeking care at home to interact with each other. Home care professionals should find it easy and convenient to find the right job for themselves and customers should find it a breeze to find the right care professional for themselves from the comfort of their homes. The client had a long list of requirements that would bring a real world value to both their visitors and subscribers alike. One such requirement was to provide online training and tests to nurses.
Objectives: The objectives laid out for our development team were:
Solution: The website provided by our development team allows its users to find the required information in an easier and quicker way. Also featuring the staffing services, the site caters a comprehensive training program for the staff to learn more about the healthcare practices.

The website has a completely new look and feel, featuring its staff members and their services at every page of the website, convincing the user to read more about their services. There is also a broad navigation bar embedded into the website design to guide the user around the site. 
The website has been designed keeping in mind an easy-to-use admin panel for the administrator. There is a separate admin sections integrated into the website design enabling the administrator to manage a fully password protected admin panel, without any prior knowledge about the IT.
Technical Background:
ASP.NET, MS-SQL on server-side
HTML, CSS, AJAX and Javascript on the client-side
Features: The website design is segregated into different user sections featuring the below features:
Admin Section – The admin section has been designed for the administrator to manage the profiles of:
Admin can upload tests for care providers and provide grades against the automated scores received by the nurses.
Care Seekers – Can register using a registration form. Once they verify their email, they can log-in to the general public area and update their profiles and list their requirements. 
As registered members, they can make inquires, do Quick searches for professionals by name, care type and location.
Care Professionals Section – This section was specially designed for the care professionals allowing them to manage their profiles in an easy way. The professionals can: