Case Study - Flash Ecommerce Site

Application: Online Shopping Cart with Flash Interface 

Industry: Apparel

Background: Our client, an upcoming retailer of stylish and fashionable aprons online approached us with a concept of creating a website which is appealing to the customers and is not dull and drab like their previous php shopping cart website. In other words, they wanted a flash interface for website visitors. The development of this website required an in-depth knowledge of flash scripting and flash database integration for elegant and impressive visual presentation of the content to its users. 

Objectives: The site was launched at a time when most shopping carts were not flash based. The primary objectives behind the development process of the site are listed below:
Solution: The product catalog at the front end can be completely managed by the admin without any knowledge of flash or database programming. With impressive visuals and ambient background score, we achieved our objective of engaging the visitors and creating a lasting impact on the buyers.

Technical Background:
Site Administrator:
The admin area is fully password protected and can be accessed by the site administrator only. Following are some of the features available to the administrator:
  1. Password modification of admin area
  2. Manage Registered Users (Shoppers): Admin can search/view/edit/delete registered buyers.
  3. Manage Product Category: Admin can create, edit and delete product categories and sub-categories.
  4. Manage Products
    • Add/View/Update/Delete Products
    • Assign products to category/sub-category
    • Upload product's thumbnail, main image and zoomed-in version)
  5. Configure Products Color List
    • A list of color options available, which is displayed to the user while purchasing any garment, can be managed through the admin section.
  6. Configure Sales Tax
    • Percentage of Sales Tax, which will be applicable to the total order, can be updated through this part of admin section.
  7. Manage Orders
    • Search / View / Update
    • Process Order. Following actions can be taken on an order.
      1. Canceled
      2. In Process
      3. Shipped
      4. Confirm (Order Delivered)
    • Admin can specify comments along with the above status updation and the result will be automatically emailed to the buyer.
Buyers can browse the product catalog in a flash environment. They can view detailed product specifications, view product images and add products to their shopping cart.
At check-out stage, they can specify different billing and delivery addresses, making it easy to gift. Buyers can login and track their order status anytime after they have placed an order.