Case Study - Job Portal

Application: Job Portal
Industry: Recruitment
Aim: To design a web portal for job seekers and employers
Abstract: Our goal was to develop a web portal for job seekers with a user-friendly interface and which has various interactive features like news, newsletters, member forums and testimonials by professionals.
Background: Our client, one of the leading recruitment agencies approached us with the development of a highly feature rich and interactive job portal that would enable job seekers and employers to finding perfect matches for their requirement. They wanted us to develop not only a job seeking portal but a knowledge sharing portal through its various informative tools like news, newsletters, success stories of professionals, member forums and other career resources.
Objectives: Some of the objectives that our development team had to achieve were:
Solution: The website developed by our web developers provided a common platform for job seekers and employers with job vacancies. A search option was embedded into the website enabling the job seeker to search for the required job on the basis of industry, location or country. The website is highly scalable and caters the users with ultra-refined search results. The website design allows the job seekers to post their resumes and employers to post the jobs on the portal. The website also features a dual log-in system for the job seekers as well as employers.
Technical Background:
PHP and MySql on the server-side
HTML, AJAX and Javascript on the client-side
Accessibility of the website differs with the member type. There are mainly three types of users:
1. Administrator
2. Candidates
3 .Employer
All the above users have different accessibility options. The features for the different users are given below:
Administration Panel – The admin panel allows the administrator to :
Candidates Panel – This panel allows the job seekers to:
Employer Panel – Under the employer panel, the employers can: