Case Study - Online Exam Site

Application: Online Exam for Nurses 
Industry: Nursing Training 
Aim: To develop an online study material and examination system for nurses 
Background: Our client came-up to us with a concept of creating an educational website offering online training program and online examinations for the nurses. The client had a list of requirements for the admin panel of the system software. He wanted us to design a website integrated with an effective CMS for managing the course content area of the website. A robust website development was required to provide comprehensive study material to the nurses, automated online exams, built-in functionality for result analysis and consequent grading.
Objectives: The primary objectives of the project were :
Solution: In accordance with the client's specific needs and requirements, we designed a custom online exam website for the nurses. The website enables the nurses to browse through the study material required to take exam, that is available on the website itself. The users can get all the information related to the exams on the website without any hassles. There was an add-on feature in the website where the nurses can upload their resumes for help on the recruitment front. The admin panel of the website was integrated with an effective and easy-to-use CMS giving all of the control over the website content into the hands of the administrator. The website we designed offers more interactivity & usability for the users. With integrated SEO of the site with W3C compatibility, the site is geared to attract nurses as well as their employers.
Technical Background:
PHP and MySql on the server-side
HTML and Javascript on the client-side
Site Administrator:
The website allows the administrator to perform the below mentioned functions : 
Site Users:
Users can choose courses and take training modules accordingly. After completing each course, they can take associated tests. Nurses can also upload their resumes which are displayed along with their exam results to the website visitors.