Case Study - Online Shopping

Application: Online Shopping Cart 
Industry: Home Furnishings
Aim: To design an automated updation online shopping cart where each product had several types, sizes, colors and accessories to choose from. 
Background: Our client, an upcoming home furnishings store owner already had an HTML website listing the products and services offered by the client. Due to products being regularly updated on the website, our client approached us with the need of an automated system for updating the products on the website. The client was facing inconvenience with the wide range of product listings and wanted to transfer to the e-commerce platform for enhanced convenience for users along with the online payment gateway integration. The objective was also to enable customers to choose from the various options available for each product and decide on the one that suits them the best from the comfort of their home.
Objectives: Some of the primary objectives that our development team had to accomplish were:
Solution: The shopping cart we designed comprises of all the above features along with many more. When the customer enters the site, he/she can view various products in segregated categories under different sections of brands. The shopping cart design allows the customers to browse through the products available in the online shop, select the required product and choose from several options of sizes, types, colors, designs and associated accessories depending on theor room, window and panel sizes and types. 
Each combination results in a different price being displayed to the buyer.
The most interesting feature of the shopping cart design is its admin panel which was developed keeping in mind the convenience of the administrator. The design of the admin panel offers the administrator enhanced flexibility in updating the details of different category and segments of the products on regular basis. The administration section was designed in such a way that it can be easily manage by the user having limited technical knowledge. Along with the enhanced flexibility for the users as well as administrator, the website has also been integrated with a secure payment gateway for secure online transactions. 
Technical Background:
PHP and MySql on server-side
HTML,XML and Javascript on the client-side