Case Study - Portal Development

Application: Web portal for Aupairs and Families 

Industry: Aupair

Aim: To develop a web portal where aupairs and nannies can meet families from around the world and communicate with each other for potential employment. 

Background: The client contacted us after a bad experience with two other Indian web developers. With the website gaining popularity with over 30,000 registered users, the holes in the previous version of the website had started showing. The request by the users to improve the website were increasing by the day. We sought out the issues and re-developed the old website with a completely new approach. This project came as a challenge to us due to the following reasons:
The client wanted a truly multi-lingual cms to 
      a) enable them to add any new language option to the site on their own
              b) enable true multi-lingual versions for better performance on country specific search engines

The other big challenge was to ensure that the site search was quick and that the pages loaded super fast even when there were 1000's of concurrent users.

Objectives: The development process was carried forward by keeping the following key points in mind: Solution: Our team worked closely with the client to understand his requirements and gain as much knowledge as possible about their industry's working. We tried to understand the profile of an average user of their portal. 
The team set about designing the database in a way such that the fields of the previous version of the database could be easily mapped and the information already gathered by existing users need not be entered again. Some of the fields were directly mapped, and some required combination of more than one field to derive their value. 
The site also made use of feature-rich and industry proven open source software, reducing on clients cost and reducing the delivery-time of the new version. The new version developed by us as a result of improved programming and user-interface optimization is much more effective and flexible, offering complete muti-lingual search on the search engines. 

Technical Background:

Features: The following are some of the features that the website provides the various types of users - admin, agents, families, aupairs and nannies: