Case Study - Video Sharing

Application: Video Sharing Website 
Industry: B2B
Aim: To develop a video sharing website where business owners can share audio or video contents to publicize their business. 
Background: Our client approached us with a paid video sharing website development requirement to provide a platform to the businesses and individuals to interact with each other through sharing audio and video contents. The client's requirements also included an integrated CMS into the website design allowing an effective management of the content of the site by the site administrator himself. 
Objectives: The development team had to keep the following objectives in mind to develop the site:
Simplified user account creation process
Intuitive navigation on the website enabling the user to browse through the content of the website easily
Website design enabling uploading of all forms of media including written text, pictures, audio and video
User-friendly CMS integration into the website design
Solution: To achieve the objectives of the website development, our web development team came up with a custom website design with a highly intuitive user interface. The web application enables uploading interactive form of media including pictures, audio, video etc with file compression facility. The content of the website can be rated by the users in the form of comments or star rating.The admin section of the design allows the administrator to create and manage the categories for video uploads. The administrator can also manage the payment plans to add videos. Admin can add any number of plans for the user to choose from. 
Technical Background:
Technologies Used:
PHP and MySql on the server-side
HTML and Javascript on the client-side
Paid members can upload videos and browse other member profiles and contact them for business.
Registered members can: