Placement Brochure Design

You are bright and smart. Make sure your placement brochure reflects this.

For a greater chunk of recruiters, your placement brochure will be the first look they will have at the student profiles. A well-designed placement brochure can leverage this opportunity and create a favorable impression, interesting the reader and egging her to find out more.

An ordinary placement brochure, on the other hand, may lie buried in the stack of me-toos.

What kind of an impression will you choose to make?

Various MBA schools and Engineering colleges of the world are trying to position themselves uniquely to recruiters. You can choose to make your own road and design a well-thought placement brochure. One that will make you stand out from the competition.

We design attractive, concept driven placement brochures...

At EnablingBiz our professionals design placement brochures for MBA schools and engineering colleges. We develop a theme and design your brochure around it conveying a well defined message to the recruiters. Our placement brochure design services include conceptualization, copywriting, photography and graphic design for the brochure.

Concept development – The first step in the process is understanding your communication objectives and then developing a creative concept for the brochure. What are we going to talk about this year? How are we going to position your institute and more specifically your batch? What are the recruiters looking for? We sit with you and brainstorm over these questions, and then conceptualize the communication strategy based on the answers that emerge.

Layout Mock-ups: Once the concept is frozen, we create two mock-up designs for you. This includes the cover design and the look and feel of the major sections. You pick a design, get us to tweak it and voila we have already come half the way.

Photography – Once the concept and design are finalized, we schedule for professional photography of the campus and the students. A picture is worth a thousand words and we know how important it is to a print brochure.

Layout design – After your final approval, we develop the final layout of the brochure design.

Copywriting – We all know the importance of creative, persuasive copywriting. Copy that sells is what our copywriters bring to the table to add that punch to the design.

Printing - Once the design is complete, we co-ordinate its printing and even mailing as an add-on for you. Our end-to-end services also include recommendations on paper and print process that will bring out the best in your placement brochure.

Give your institute an edge over the competition with our Placement Brochure Designing services. Arm your placement committee members with “look-at-me” placement brochures. Call us and take that first step towards a distinctive Placement Brochure design.
I really appreciate the way the team of enablingbiz worked on the theme and design of our promotional material. It really generated volumes to our biz. Enablingbiz not only designed for us but acted as consultants and filled up the missing links in our Branding & Positioning exercise. Great work!!!
Vishal Goyal
The Grand Piazza

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